Dataharvest 2024 session pitch form

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Title of the proposed session
Short description of the session. What’s your session about? And what will attendees be able to take away from it?
Potential speakers for the session. You don’t need to pitch a fully fledged panel and a number of panelists - we can combine different pitches and find additional panelists to contribute to your session!
If we accept your proposal, would you also be able to act as a speaker or moderator in a different panel? If so, can you let us know what your interests and competencies are (e.g. I'm good at organising networking session, moderating roundtables, etc.)
If your proposal is not accepted and you come to Dataharvest as an attendee, are you still willing to help as a moderator or panelist if needed?
Thank you for your contribution! If you have other comments, feel free to write them here :-)
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